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You've found me

I am Matthew Pantano. Sound designer, sound engineer, musician, and a fan of anything that generates noise. I'm here to contribute to projects larger than me. Maybe YOUR project is next?

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Where did this start?

I can remember a time when making random noises was looked down upon. Now, I've made a career out of it! It all started with my early ambitions as a young musician and artist. I've been involved in many projects from the beginning, spanning various musical acts, and eventually, YouTube, where I launched my professional career working in post-audio production for many different clients.

Here, you will find many examples of what I've been cooking for my clients! From music to sound design and beyond, I've exceeded many expectations from the people who entrusted me with their projects. It is something I consider very precious and it is that sense of enormous responsibility that drives me to deliver the best results possible.

Don't take my word for it though! Check out my work and see (or in this case hear) for yourself!


I really look forward to working with you.


Feel free to reach out anytime

845 522 6073

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